Book translations

• Christophe Donnet, Hunter Fascination (Schück Verlag, Adliswil, Switzerland, 1995)

[Photograph captions for a 350-page large-format book documenting the Swiss Air Force’s principal combat aircraft; in collaboration with ITLA Translation in Switzerland]

• V. Motta and F. Motta, eds., World Geographical Encyclopedia (McGraw-Hill 1995)

[Vols. 1 (Africa), 2 (The Americas), and 4 (Europe); in collaboration with Henry Fischbach and The Language Service]

• Robert Kandel, Our Changing Climate (McGraw-Hill, 1992)

• Haroun Tazieff, Earthquake Prediction (McGraw-Hill, 1992)

• Françoise Balibar, The Science of Crystals (McGraw-Hill, 1993)

• Raymond Daudel, The Realm of Molecules (McGraw-Hill, 1993)

• Pascal Tassy, The Message of Fossils (McGraw-Hill, 1993)

[Five of the “Horizons of Science” series of popular-science paperbacks (originally published by Hachette); in collaboration with The Language Service]

• Katsuyoshi Ishihara, Implementing Quality on the Shop Floor: A Practical Guide (1992)

[Translated from the French translation of the Japanese original; in collaboration with Accurapid Translation Services]