Curriculum vitae


U.S.A. (born 1952 in New York City)

Education and training

FAA Private Pilot license, October 1991

University of Pennsylvania, 1975-82 (PhD in Classical Archaeology – dissertation title: “Iron-Working in Southern Etruria in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries B.C.”)

Research Fellow and Research Associate, University Radiocarbon Laboratory and Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology, University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, 1976-81 (staff photographer; research projects in obsidian tool microwear, Roman concrete, pre-Etruscan iron technology)

Excavator and photographer on University of Pennsylvania excavations at Cyrene (Libya), 1976, and Beqa’a Valley (Jordan), 1980; and Brown University excavations at Tufariello (Italy), 1972-73

Brown University, 1969-73 (BA with Honors, magna cum laude in Classics, Phi Beta Kappa, MA in Classical Archaeology – thesis title: “Mycenaean Tin and the Shaft Grave Treasure”)

Secondary schools in New York City and London, England


Freelance technical and scientific translator, 1984-

Translator and Indexer Supervisor, Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia PA, 1982-84

American Translators Association (ATA) activities

  • President, American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI) (2011-2013)
  • ATA President (2009-11)
  • President-elect and conference organizer (2007-09)
  • Governance and Communications Committee chair (2006-2009)
  • Business Practices Education Committee co-chair (2005-09)
  • Director (2004-07)
  • Science and Technology Information Committee chair (1999-2001)
  • Director (1993-96)
  • Science and Technology Division administrator (1993-95)
  • Secretary (1991-93)
  • ATA Chronicle Editorial Board member (1989-93)
  • Client Education Committee chair (1989-91)
  • Director (1988-91)
  • Active member since 1984