Subject specialties

Subject areas of some of the thousands of patent applications, prior-art texts, operating manuals,  specifications, brochures, journal articles, and other documents that I have translated:


Plastics welding equipment Magnetic materials and sensors
Thermoplastic foamed polymer membranes Single-crystal pulling methods
Papermaking methods Extruded aluminum profiles
Glass-filled adhesives and sealants Molded wood products
Ultrasonic immersion inspection of steel bars and billets Examination of epitaxial GaAs layers using Schottky contacts
Development and utilization of fiber-ceramic composites Use of natural vegetable oils in printing inks
Laminated packaging films Thermoplastics compounders for injection molding
Industrial and construction adhesives Production machinery for spinning polyolefin carpet fibers

Chemistry and laboratory analysis

High-molecular-weight branched water-soluble acrylamide copolymers Organopolysiloxanes containing curable epoxy groups
Surfactant-containing washing and cleaning agents Molecular interaction detection system
DNA hybridization methods Method for preparing biodegradable plastics
Polymers containing nitrile groups Difluoromethane production and synthesis
Chromatographic column for purifying biological macromolecules Vinyl chloride polymerization procedures
Fatty acid analysis Resistance-heated capillary columns for gas chromatography
Qualitative and quantitative determination of flavor and fragrance compounds Deuterium NMR spectroscopy for authenticity testing of natural substances

automobiles and automotive engineering

Fuel injection valves Navigation devices and methods
Control devices for occupant restraint systems Vehicle stability and braking systems
Engine control sensors and equipment Turbocharger systems
Truck and trailer stabilization equipment Data transfer buses and procedures
Torsional vibration damping device for a clutch Vehicle seat anchoring systems
Automobile dealer sales training materials Brochure promoting custom station-wagon conversions of Aston Martin and Lagonda sports cars

 Electrical engineering and microelectronics

SIM chip card production methods Electronically commutated motors
Signal modulation and demodulation methods Microwave radar systems
Semiconductor device manufacturing and inspection Data memory interfaces and configuration devices
Audio signal reproduction systems Data transfer systems
Heat transfer devices for electronic components MEMS-based accelerometer system

Mechanical and civil engineering

Bicycle gear-shifting mechanisms  Papermaking belts and accessories
Temperature-sensitive switches  Handheld power tools
Metal pipe flaring and joining devices  Dust filtration devices
Machine tool clamping devices  Inkjet printing head control method
Waste incineration plants and systems Machine tool accessories

Optics and photography

Electron microscope lenses Laser scanning microscopes
Interference microscopy methods Microscope stands
Microscope illumination systems Digital image projection systems
Electronic image processing methods and apparatus Microscope specimen preparation and handling systems
Professional electronic flash equipment Computer-based color analysis system


Historical publicity material (1921) for a German pharmaceutical company Italian genealogical documents and correspondence
Architectural analysis of an Imperial Roman market basilica Transcripts of a government commission investigating Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Documents describing a project to reconfigure rail transportation in and around Stuttgart Steven Hancoff, Bach, Casals & the Six Suites for ’Cello Solo (German source materials and secondary publications)
Résumé for Italian artist Ivana Candiago Hand-made wooden powerboats